Hello my benzo buddies!

Thank you to all who have written and offered couches, beds, baths, food and friendship.
I have pinpoints on the map for Calif, Colorado, Texas, Ariz, Fla, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas and Illinois.  (I may be forgetting some. My brain is still not up to snuff with memory. But it’s getting there!)

I’ll be researching resilience. I want to know more about what the common core elements are. I’ll be posting stories and video to social media along the way so you can follow and learn as I learn.

I’ll be writing a new book about my findings when it’s all said and done. I’m eager to get started and so very grateful for everyone has reached out with words of support.

It’s amazing to me that I have so many dear friends in far away places that I have never met, yet love and trust so very much. I couldn’t have healed without all of you. We benzo survivors are a family in the strongest sense of that word. I am lucky to have you all.

I’ll keep you posted on the travels. If you know of anyone who isn’t a benzo survivor but has bounced back from adversity and would allow me to interview them and possible video too, I’d be honored to listen to them. Of course I want to hear your stories too! Bouncing back from benzos is a hard life challenge, for sure.

Im reaching out to media outlets like OWN, Ellen, Huffington Post and Upworthy to hopefully share some of the heartwarming stories and inspire hope and healing. More coming soon…..