Dear Southern California Benzo Buddies,

I am scheduled to leave the San Fran bay area this Saturday. I’ll stop overnight before I make it to the Los Angeles area. If you would like for me to stop and visit with you, please let me know. I have my van equipped so that I don’t have to spend the night in your home, but a hot shower would be lovely if possible.

If I can be of any help to talk to your friends or family about benzo withdrawal, I’d be happy to do so.

Let me know how I can best be of service to you. I hope that my travels give you hope that we do recover our lives eventually.

I am excited and scared all at once about this trip…. normal emotions I assume. But the biggest emotion is the deep desire to meet you all, and to be of service in whatever way God has planned for me. I will row the boat, I’ll let him steer.

Please email me if you want me to stop by.



drjenniferleigh @ gmail. com