Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I spent it with my friend David, my four kids and their significant others (and pets!) It was the first Easter in 4 years that I felt decent. My symptoms are far more manageable now. I still have tingles, burning, twitching, aches, pain…. you know the usual benzo crap. But it’s SO much better.

I asked for a show of hands for people who are able to come stay in the SF area for the benzo summit August 15-17. We have quite a few local people who want to come during the day, but not enough overnighters from out-of-town to make the minimum number of guests the Mercy Center needs.

The show must go on as they say. I will be hosting the summit at my house and we WILL be getting together. I may find a venue in one of the local hotels by the San Fran airport, so people can fly in and join us without having to rent a car.

I will keep pushing for the summit to take place. I am hopeful we can get media attention. The petition reached 600 signatures. I was hoping for 1,000, but will send it to the FDA soon.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the summit. I appreciate that so many want to support it, even if they are too sick to travel. (I totally understand.)