A few weeks ago I posted I was going to take a road trip and meet some of you fine people who have been my family for, what, four years now? Then God whispered, “Since you are going to be on the open road, do some serious research. Get back to work.” I can’t very well say “No!” to the Big Guy.

I’ve got a great team working behind the scenes to help me. Here’s where we are now.

1. Website overhaul √ (drjenniferaustinleigh.com)
2. Indigogo crowfunding video made √
3. Indigogo page created √ (goes live Wednesday or Thursday.)
4. Perks for crowdfunding decided and parts ordered √
5. Survey Monkey research questions composed √
6. Van rented √
7. Camera bought √ (Sony A6000)
8. House sitter arranged √
9. Triple AAA membership √
10. Route Planned √

That’s the checklist to date. I am excited to be able to do this research. I’m also very scared some moments of the day when I stop and ask myself, “What in the world am I doing?” but… I know something magical or miraculous is going to take place on this trip. Just the fact that I get to meet some of you is a gift beyond my wildest dreams.

My close friends are throwing a launch party here on the 28th. I’ll try to get some video of it and post it here. I’m asking people to please write a prayer for my safety and for me to stay open and receptive to God’s grace and gifts while I am traveling. I’ll out all the prayers in a box and take them with me to read when I get scared, lonely or discouraged. (Which I am sure will happen more than I wish.) If you would like to send me a prayer, either email me or leave one here in the comment section. I’ll print it out and put it in the box.

I feel very called by God, (call it what you like, spirit, the universe, higher power….) to undertake this journey. I know that if I stay open and receptive to his will that all will be fine.

I’ll post a link to the crowdfunding page here. The survey will be up and ready to go soon too.

Please send your prayer when you can, if you are so moved to do so.
Blessings to you all… keep fighting.