Thursday, weather permitting, I am hitting the open road once again to slowly make my way back home. My first stop is to meet/visit with a man named Os Hillman. My benzo buddy Diane introduced us as he is her brother. Os is a Marketplace Leader. He helps people take their faith into their workplace. His books have been inspirational to me. I feel God is using Os to help me shape my ministry/coaching once I am back home.

I have used the month here with my parents for some much needed healing. I leave with a sense of newness, strength and excitement about my future. Hope bubbles up in my heart every day. I wake eager to discover what is in store. How very different than when I was in the thick of withdrawal and I dreaded going to sleep and waking up. I knew the suffering that was waiting for me the very moment my eyes opened. But that is a thing of the past! The mornings hold sweet promise now.

I have two questions for you, my dear benzo buddies. 
1. Is there anyone who would like me to stop by and meet them as I journey home? I’ll be traveling the lower southern states. Please comment or reach me by email. (drjenniferleigh at

2. What would be most helpful on this site for you? Are there pages of info or help that is needed? What type of posts would you like to read about most? I want this site to be a good source of support for withdrawal. I appreciate your comments or emails about how to make it better. I often think about adding a forum with chat capabilities, what do you all think?

I’m learning about resilience on this trip, as I had planned and hoped. But… I am learning something far greater. I am learning why God made me, and how he wants me to utilize his gifts. It took a drive across America to fully understand, but I’m grateful each mile brought me closer to his plan for my life.

Blessings to you all.


PS. the third installment of confidence building is coming soon.