I left yesterday to start my journey to travel the USA. My first night was a bit chaotic. I parked in the lot at a state park only to be thrown out because it was against their rules to camp in the lot. So off I drove in the pitch black, slowly making my way along the dangerous cliffs of Highway One at Big Sur. I was able to sleep in my van in another state park. It took some nerves of steel to navigate to my new campsite but I did it. I went to sleep to the sound of Shakespeare, my service dog,snoring away and an owl hooting every few moments. Utter magic!

when I woke up I was able to see the splendor the dead of night had masked. I was in a redwood forest by a river! The crisp morning air was pristine. A neighbor camper fried bacon on a propane stove. It was heavenly. I never thought I would ever have good mornings again. I was wrong. It was a glorious morning.

I drove Highway One and pulled off ever few minutes to watch California grey whales migrating to Mexico. The air was filled with monarch butterflies. I felt humble and grateful for my life. Totally in awe of God’s great kingdom.

I made made it to Santa Maria, Ca. And stopped for the day. Attended an AA meeting and a kind person offered for me to follow them home and sleep in my van in front of their house. I’m typing this out curled up for the night, on my phone. Please excuse any typos

I am headed to southern ca tomorrow. Please reach out if you want me to visit. Drjenniferleigh @ gmail.com.

I’m taking it slow. Totally respecting my still fragile CNS.

I will keep you posted. I’ll be posting videos soon. I’m still settling in to my routine of taking care of myself and my dog in cramped quarters. So far, so good. I’m very happy and excited to be doing this work. Hope to put Benzo withdrawal on the map. We need our stories told and heard.

Love you all. Jennifer