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My comment if they OK it

I understand our ecosystem is precious and we need to protect it. However, if research money goes into protecting perch, before it goes into protecting humans, I am going to be very angry. We have a global problem due to anti-anxiety medication. Doctors assume it is safe,and millions of scripts are written every year. However, the drugs are NOT safe. They are designed to calm anxiety, which they do, until the damage they do to the GABA receptors (responsible for calming the brain/mind/body) is too great and then they cause an anxiety that is unbearable. Benzos are not safe for people or fish. More research needs to be done on what actually happens to the GABA receptor while on benzos and what is happening in the withdrawal from benzos, Healing from benzo use can take years. It is so horrific for some people that they give up and kill themselves. I have lost four people I know to such a sad fate. Matt Samet’s new benzo withdrawal account arrived on the bookshelves yesterday. Death Grip. St. Martins Press. IF NPR wants to do a story that will blow the lid off of the bezo story, focus on stories such as Matt’s. Do the research. Read the Ashton Manual put out by benzo withdrawal expert. Dr. Heather Ashton. Fish are important yes, but people are priceless. Lives are being ruined and lost to benzos. Let’s open the public’s eyes to the real dangers here.