I posted an edited letter in a new page called Letter To All Doctors.  Please feel free to use it after you double-check for typos, or any other issues you need to correct.

I added more info, including the fact that people taking a benzo as needed can be harmed. (I forgot who sent me that suggestion…. but thank you!)I

I also posted our first story on the page, Our Stories. Thank you for your story, Rosalind. May you continue to heal. We are rooting for you.

Keep holding on everyone.
It gets better.

I ran a booth at an art festival over the weekend. Although I was flared up when I came home, and this morning it was clear I over did it a tad, I had a great time. Life felt sweet and precious again. I know I will have more of those days soon. You will too.

I am thinking and praying for you all.