Psychiatrists that is. They practice voodoo medicine at best, in my very humble opinion. (I never wanted to become a licensed psychologist because I have always thought the DSM was not  a valid measure of a human.) If you want to read some encouraging words about the coming revolution about mental health, mosey on over here: (get past Thomas Insel’s back peddling.)

It does my heart good to read about people standing up to the accepted status quo and exploring  if it is valid, true or trustworthy.

I am copying this straight from the article: The head of the RDoC project, Bruce Cuthbert, makes no bones about the DSM’s faults:

“If you think about it the way I think about it, actually the DSM is sloppy in both counts. There’s no particular biological test in it, but the psychology is also very weak psychology. It’s folk psychology without any quantification involved.”


Bruce just became my new hero. You go Bruce. Go. Go. Go.

Hold on today all of my benzo friends. It’s another day closer to the finish line.  I can see everyone there, waving and cheering, waiting with gatorade, and gold medals, to place lovingly around our necks. Hold on. We will get there.

I love you all.