Thursday was a horror show. For those of you living through withdrawal, I don’t need to give the gory details. You already know.

Friday I woke up braced for another trip to terrorville. But it never happened! Instead, I found myself feeling more like my old self. My mind was quiet. My body wasn’t in too bad of shape. I even had a cute guy hit on me! That hasn’t happened in so long. *laughs*  I have been in such an altered state no one dared get close.

It’s happening. Healing.

I know not to get too excited as I’m not out of the woods yet. However, the dip down into normal was just what my weary heart needed.

I woke this morning to my usual burning, tingling, and pain, but my mind is more quiet. I’m still here in people! Yes, indeed. I am still in here.

Keep holding on.  The vets who are healed and keep reassuring us that we too will heal are right. I’m beginning to believe them more and more.

I’m throwing on my overalls and heading into my garden this morning. the sweet peas need deadheading. The sunzilla sunflowers seedlings need to get planted. And the butterflies are waiting for me to sing to them. Of course!

Have a splendid day. Hope you can find something to help you distract and hold on.

If you need a listening ear, drop me a line.