I’ve been asked to share my story along with Jackie Sussman on a radio show out of Boston.

Jackie is healed. I still have a ways to go, especially since we are in a heat wave. It flares my symptoms.

I am 22 months out and I have a laundry list of symptoms. But I am crawling towards the finish line, one day at a time.

I have started a new company called Innova Gardens. I am taking my old career and marrying it to the activity that I know has helped heal my brain and save my life: gardening, being in my garden, and inviting others to be with me in the garden.

I am eager to get back into life, being Dr. Jenn to families that want to be healthy, happy and raise smart, kind kids. And of course, create a garden.

I had made this blog private as I was not sure how “civilians” who have not gone though benzo withdrawal would feel about my journey. The last thing I want is for benzos to harm me any more than they have (if someone didnt understand and devalued me because of my illness). But after much thought, I decided to open it back again so I can continue to help my fallen friends who trusted their doctors to treat their anxiety, muscle pain, back pain,  eye twitches, insomnia, etc. Or, they trusted the doctors with their autistic children who were (sadly) put on a benzo.

You can still reach me at drjenniferleigh@gmail.com

I am not officially coaching anyone in withdrawal, but I do  listen.

I’ll keep you posted on the radio time.

Hold on. It gets better.