I am graced to have so many benzo buddies on the front line with me. I love you all far more than you know. Recently I have received a lot of emails about crying. We cry an ocean of tears in withdrawal. I am still crying some days and I am glad about that. Here’s why:

The only way for neurotoxins that damage cells to get out of the body is for us to pee, poop, puke, sweat or bingo, cry them out. That’s why I don’t worry too much about my teary times. I know I am getting rid of some nasty toxins that otherwise could cause havoc in my body. Like I need more havoc. As if damaged GABA receptors are not be enough.

FYI: I have told a few people who I chat with about withdrawal that I am taking a break at the moment. I am, yup, you guess it, back in the thick of it. I feel as if I am back to about where I was at 10 months out, minus the mental issues. My body is really, really hurting and struggling. I am hoping that this means more deep healing is taking place. Or maybe it means I need to cry more… who knows.

Thanks for understanding my need to pull in the wagons a bit tighter while I take some time off from talking on the phone. My good buddy Jennifer in Colorado is benzo free 7 years and is available for support if you need someone to talk to. Let me know. I will connect you. (She’s amazing!)

If you are having a teary time, remember it’s good to get those toxins out of your body. Don’t be ashamed of the tears. They will stop when it’s time. Just like the rest of withdrawal symptoms will stop in time.  Or at least, that’s the hope!

Keep fighting. I will too.