I am posting this without talking to Don. I am sure he will jump in and give some feedback, perhaps edit it. I lifted his words from his latest post. I need to pray them every, many times over.

(Don’t words) Dear My Creator,
If I am going to survive this, you will have to do it all – every bit of it. I have nothing. Nothing. If I survive, I will never be able to say I exerted any part of my own self-will or power – not even the slightest amount.

(my words)
I surrender to the process of healing. I surrender to the process of going back out into the world and putting my life back together as you want the pieces to be placed.

I give you everything in my heart and soul, as I am powerless over this illness and recovery. I put my life into your hands and I ask that you create out of me and my life, something that is pleasing to you. I am wet clay, shivering, frightened, and weak, but I am here, showing up, saying, “I give you all of me. Shape me. Mold me into that which is pleasing to you.”

I am grateful for this amazing body that knows how to heal.
I am grateful for the love in my life.
I am grateful for my life.

I ask for nothing other than to have the courage to live your will for me.

Your daughter,