I spoke to Constance at the Mercy Center. We need the deposits for the 10 people staying overnight due in two weeks. She is sending me a contract that I will have two weeks to get back to her.

Rooms plus meals are 130 a night. They want one person to handle the finances, so you can send me your checks and I will make the payment. I can scan the reservation agreement and post it here so you know what everyone is paying for. You will see that I am not making any money from this summit. I am simply putting it together so we can come together and have some serious conversations about our healing and what we can do to help others avoid or get free of benzos.

If sending the money to me to secure the rooms is not feasible, we can look elsewhere in the bay area where you can make your own reservations at a hotel, however, the 130 a night (single rooms) plus food is a deal here in the bay area.

I will need the payments soon so we can secure the dates, August 15, 16, 17th.

I have not set a fee for people coming for the day. Perhaps you can help us pay for the service fee. I am not sure if food will be available for day visitors. I will find out. We do not yet have an agenda as to when we start for the day or end. Suggestion? I am thinking 9 or 10 till four or five.

I can pick people up and take them to the Mercy Center from the airport. You will not need a rental car if you want to stay on the property. There is public transportation within walking distance from the center.

If this venue doesn’t work out, I will secure a spot at a local small hotel that is accessible from the airport. But this is a good deal and the property is so serene and quiet.

Please email me and let me know if you can mail me a check for your stay next week after I post the contract. I am not in financial shape to cover the costs of a deposit or to cover any costs incurred by no-shows. etc. So when I sign this contract, I need to know in good faith, that people are coming. Thank you for letting me be of service to put this event together.  I am looking forward to it.

Warm regards