I am planning a conference call for Sunday for anyone who wants to discuss the benzo summit I want to hold his summer.  Please email me and I will give you the time/call in number. If you do not have my email, please reply to this post.

I am very excited to be putting this together.

I am still sick with body sx, but the mental continues to lift, return, lift. But every time it returns it is less bothersome.

I am hopeful that one day my body will heal.

I spent the morning writing a new book, then went to the beach with a girl friend. We had a fabulous lunch then poked around in gardening  and cooking stores. I had a blast. I can honestly say that I felt more continuous joy without intrusive thoughts today. First time in over three years I’ve felt this happy.

It is a shame that I (all of us!) had to suffer for so long because of a prescribed medication I took as directed. But I am grateful that every month seems to bring better days.

I intend to help doctors become educated, and help others stuck in this horrific nightmare.

Look forward to sharing my ideas and to hear yours.