I’ve always been a bit impulsive. When I get an idea, I don’t always take the time to think things through, I jump in the deep end and start swimming. It was no different when I started feeling better as withdrawal receded. At three years I jumped back into life as if nothing had ever happened to me. I pushed myself, eager to make up for “lost” time. But I wasn’t healed enough. I had one of my very worst waves. It almost took me down.

My first bit of advice to you as you rebuild your life: make CERTAIN you are well enough to deal with life/work stress before you dive back into normal life.

After the wave of fear/terror/anxiety/depression/intrusive thoughts/suicidal ideation/panic/derealization/weakness etc., left I decided to be more loving and kind to myself and ease back into life. (And then I decided, what the hell, and rented a van, and am driving across the USA, but that’s another post!)

How To Build Your Confidence

When I think about rebuilding confidence, I see a picture in my mind of someone assembling a bicycle. They are sitting in front of a zillion parts, a bit confused and maybe overwhelmed, but they know that once they put everything together, they will have a great vehicle that they can ride to where they want to go. So let’s look first at the parts you will need to assemble:

1. Positive attitude
2. Patience
3. Listening skills
4. Humor/Playfulness
5. Purpose
6. Faith
7. Forgiveness
8. Gratitude
9. Service
10. Financial plan

I’ll be posting over the next few weeks about each of these parts and how they play a role in you being able to get back out into life to rebuild and to be happy and healthy.

I will be holding a webinar on building confidence this spring, when I am back home in California. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

Blessings to you as you continue to heal. I can’t wait to greet you on this side!