Hello everyone!

Thanks to the people who called in. Appreciate your time, effort and energy. Thanks to all who wanted to call but were unable. I am grateful we have such a kind and caring “benzo family.”

I had every intention of recording the call but forgot to do so. I am sorry. Benzo brain is still a real phenomenon for me. Here is a recap of the call:

There were five people on the call with me. The callers were from Oregon, New York, San Diego, Pennsylvania and Holland (!). I didn’t ask if I could announce their names here, so I won’t reveal identities.

We heard people’s personal accounts of their benzo trauma and we listened to ideas about how to best get the word out to doctors and the public about the dangers of benzos.

The five callers agreed to share information with each other, and they agreed to each set up a time I can contact them to be held accountable as I go forward. I will be calling venues tomorrow to find the cost of a gathering space. I will also be asking local hotels for discount rates for people who are traveling to the summit.

We discussed the format of the summit, although it is still taking shape and form.

If you want to get involved, please send me an email. I will be holding another conference call in the future as we move forward.

One thing we all agree on is that the laws need to change around the prescribing of these drugs. All of us want to protect others from having to walk in our footsteps. It may take time, but hopefully we can get the FDA to regulate these drugs.

It was very nice to listen to others who are in the trenches. I hope the call wasn’t too triggering for anyone. We did discuss that possibility at the beginning of the call and urged anyone who felt too revved up to hang up. We didn’t have that happen, however.

Benzo Summit, Summer of ’14, To Infinity And Beyond!!