Although we lost our chance to host the summit at the Mercy Center, the summit is still on for this August 15th through the 17th.

I am securing another venue. If all else fails, we will hold it in my garden. (Which would actually be a lovely spot. It was (is) such a constant source of support in my recovery!)

Here is the info:

Friday August 15th 6-8 PM  Meet and greet
Saturday August 16th, 9-4 PM Roundtable discussion/sharing of our stories/creating agenda to change the use of benzos
Sunday August 17th 9-12 Closing ceremony/next steps for moving forward

There is no cost for the summit unless we have to pay for a meeting room.
(I am not making any money off of hosting it.)

Place to be determined soon. I’m working on it!

Light and love to you all. Keep holding on. It gets better.