The rescue dog last Friday turned out to be so traumatized that I only had her overnight. I found a good family who could take her in immediately, as my living situation was not going to be healthy for her. I loved having her though, as the sounds of her snuffled breathing during the night was comforting. It made me think about what I am truly yearning for, and that is companionship. So, instead of adopting a dog, I have decided to be brave enough to ask the universe for what I really want, a man in my life. I threw my hat into the dating pool on match. I am not 100% healed, but I am healed enough to at least put a toe in the dating waters.

The other thing my soul is longing for is to visit Aspen. It is “home” to me. I lived there for three years. Well, right next door to it, in a little town called Basalt. I owned a wonderful home on a nice chunk of land. No homes behind me, just open space. Basalt is so tiny that there is no light pollution so the stars look as if God spilled billions of them above. I used to sit in my hot tub at night and count shooting stars. I never went back inside until I saw at least three. Most nights I did. The Milky Way was right over head.

I am contemplating a road trip to visit soon. I must say I am a bit anxious about it. But I really want to visit this fall. I don’t know what it will be like to drive with my DR so heavy, but who knows? Maybe it will be ok. (This is one sx that just never seems like it wants to go away.) If I do summons the courage to go, I will be updating this post from the road, letting you know how it is going.

A friend of a friend has a home in Ennis Montana I could stay in if I decided to shoot up to Big Sky country. I may never want to come home if I go there, though!

Even with my bad mornings, I am getting better. Dating? Road trip? LIfe is coming together.

If you are still early off, hold on. Just be patient. Distract from the symptoms. Be around people. Just keep going. It get’s better.