I am so sick again that I want to see if anyone else has these sx this far out.

First, when I wake up, I burn. My spine is on fire. My hands tingle. My major joints ache and burn. My eyes are dry and sore. The back of my head feels like a baseball bat has slammed into it. Sometimes it feels icy cold and my brain feels like it is fizzy. My muscles hurt and my neck and right shoulder are tense. My legs from my hips down feel like a gazillion bees are stinging it. Not as severe or painful, but more than “my leg has fallen asleep tingles.” When I get up to walk the bones in my feet hurt.  I hobble the first half hour or so. The back of my arms burn and my chest feels tight, like a truck is parked on it. My tongue also burns and my ears ring.

When I walk I feel weak and disjointed from the world. Like I am in a fog. I don’t always know where my legs are in space and time. Hard to explain. Its like I am drunk or drugged sort of. I feel very weak and dizzy, but not spinning vertigo dizzy. Just like I am under water… again, hard to explain. The walking around like that is one of my worst sx. It feels so frightening.

Of course my memory is shot. I lose everything. I cant keep up with the things I used to be able to do. Life is overwhelming but I take it in small bites.

My twins have been dx with Lyme disease. One has been fighting it for two years. One doc told me I have it. Another said no. I am back to mostly in bed today. I am too exhausted and too woozy to do much. Is anyone else this sick this far out?

I don’t want to start treatment for Lyme unless I really have to.  I am praying that this is still the withdrawal.

Anyone else still feel pretty awful?  Around 10 am this morning I felt at death’s door. I also have intense DR when I drive. Months ago that was better and only came every so often. Now it is every time I drive. The entire time I drive.  What’s up with that??

You have all been so supportive of my journey. Can you tell me if this sounds normal at 26 months out?  This degree of debilitation?

Thanks everyone.

I am curled in bed, searching for my Forever Dog online. Max, the dog from AHAN.org  that I fell in love with was fostered and his foster mommy wants to keep him.  I am happy he found his forever home. Now to find my Forever Dog. 🙂