I am seriously considering taking a road trip for 2015. My agenda is to bring forward stories that are hidden that will help others heal from addictions, loss, or illness and to deeply research resilience.  I will:

1. Meet and talk to as many benzo withdrawal survivors as I can. I want to hear their stories and give help/hope.

2. Go to as many AA meetings in different cities as I can. I want to hear recovering alcoholics share their stories of resilience.

3.  Give free talks at churches and organizations about the spiritual practice of bouncing back from hard times.

5. Indulge in my hobby of taking pictures of people’s adopted dogs and share their stories of bouncing back from their hard times.  (adopteddogsoftheusa.com)

I’ll be blogging, writing, filming, and taking pictures along the way.

Would you:

1. Like to meet with me and share your story? (I’d be honored to share a cup of tea or a meal with you and listen.)

2. Be able to connect me with a church or local organization that would like me to speak for free?

3. Be willing to allow me and my service dog Shakespeare to crash on your couch and shower for one night?

4. Be able to share the road trip as it unfolds with your social media network?

5. Know of anyone who has bounced back from hard times who would allow me to listen to their story?

I am beyond excited about this opportunity. I’ll share more about the details as things unfold. Right now, I just need a show of hands of people who would like to connect with me in person so I can plan my route.

Please email me at adopteddogsoftheusa@gmail.com

It’s wonderful to be well enough to be able to conduct this type of research and sharing.
Keep fighting the good fight.