A few weeks ago I decided to venture into the water again. The medical world water, that is. My twins have lyme disease, and some of our symptoms are very similar. At 33 months off of Klonopin and still having body symptoms, I thought it was time to delve a bit deeper to rule out any other conditions that could be causing my problems.

I saw Dr. Kaufman, in Mountain View. He looks like Alan Arkin’s twin. Sounds like him too. He’s adorable, and he’s a good person. I’ve got super sensitive doctor radar now, and he passed the test. He works with people who have immune issues.

He tested me for a gazillion things. I wasn’t kidding about the 17 tubes!! My blood work came back and my poor body is action packed with issues.

Viruses that should be kept under check with my immune system are active again. Cytomegalovirus, all the childhood forms of herpes, chicken pox, and epstein barr are all showing up abnormally in my blood work. My vitamin B12 level was low as was vitamin D. (Which is hard to believe since I practically live out in my garden, sans sunscreen.)

The doctor and I wonder if the stress of withdrawal caused my immune system to weaken. People who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have joint pain. Check. Me too. They have fatigue. Check. Me too. They have exercise intolerance. Check. Me too. They have muscle aches. Check. Me too. So have I now acquired CFS, or is this still wd?

My killer cells may be out of whack as well. The lab mangled the test, and it had to be redone. But chances are good that it will come back abnormal.

What does that mean for us in withdrawal? I don’t know. But I am curios of if immune dysfunction plays ANY role in protracted withdrawal. It would be awesome if other people got tested to see if we have any common denominators.

What can be done about the condition? Well, there is a new antiviral medication that is supposed to work wonders. But…… I’m not jumping on board just yet. No sirree. Not after one pill made my life FUBAR… fucked up beyond recognition.

Here’s what I am doing: I am juicing every day. Without fail. I am remaining gluten free. I am taking Vitamin D. I am taking Oil of Oregano. I am also looking into taking Turkey Tail mushrooms. Possibly growing my own. If you haven’t watched the TEDMED talk with Paul Stamet, you may want to consider checking it out.

Another possibility is I have chronic lyme disease. I’ve been tested before. Its a long story about those results. I gave 11 more tubes of my red stuff to be tested for Lyme plus co-infections, and a few other groovy things on Tuesday. No matter what they cause, lyme or withdrawal, I know things will get better. I have come SO far in healing from the mental crap. I know my body will get better too.

I can’t help but wonder if immune issues are at play in those of us that take so long to heal. I did get good news from my test. My cholesterol is fabulous. My blood sugar is pristine. Yeah!

I will keep you posted. Curious what your thoughts are about immune issues and withdrawal.