I celebrated 16 months of benzo freedom on October 23. I am far from healed, but I am seeing good improvement. I am working doing odds and ends jobs for TaskRabbit, and slowly, very slowly, stepping back into my role as a coach, workshop leader and educator. I had attempted to open my office at four months out, and had NO idea what was in store for me. I am glad the first year is behind me. Oh so very very glad.
I won’t list all of my remaining symptoms, as I have many, but I am better, which is all that matters. I am not sure if I will heal 100% but as long as I can function with out too much trouble I will be happy. I pray that one day these drugs are not handed out for long term use. I can’t imagine that none of my doctors informed me that I should not be on this medication for a long time. I was on for 19 years. It did a lot of damage. I have some severe bone and nerve pain still.
There is hope that we get better.  If you are in the first year, especially after a cold turkey, hang on. It will get better.

Some days all I could do was to sit in my front yard on a chaise lounge. I was hit hard with both body and mind withdrawal symptoms.

Those who are farther down the healing line tell me that it took two years for things to calm down and three or four to see the most healing.

Matt Samet, the talented author of Death Grip, his tale of benzo madness, took three years to feel better. He still has a few lingering issues but they don’t bother him often. I urge you to pre order his book on Amazon. It’s going to be a wild, luscious read!

You won’t see too many more posts from me as I am getting back into my old career slowly.

Blessings to you all as you fight for your health. It will return.