Talking to an expert in brain science, I learned that the more “at peace” you can be in ANY situation,  it helps your brain  grow more neurons and strengthen the GABA connections.

In withdrawal, this is a challenge as glutamate outnumbers our GABA balance and we are in a hyper excitable brain state.

However, we can all find ways to be at peace. Yoga, meditation, prayer, acceptance of our healing process etc.

One way to be at peace is to accept the sensations in our bodies and not let them overwhelm us with fear.  Being curious can help with this.

For example, I get this strange experience of overwhelming fatigue that frightens me. I feel as if a blanket of death is being pulled over me. I feel like I will dissolve into the bed. It happened early this morning. I tensed up, scared, trying to ward it off. Then I thought about “at peace.” I laid very still and allowed the feeling to sweep over me. I talked to my rational mind and said, “I have felt this many times and didn’t die. I am safe” I noticed how intense the feeling got, the texture of feelings in my body, the heat that comes with it. I kept repeating, “I am safe. I am at peace.” Lo and behold, the whole episode passed in a few minutes.  Usually it lasts far longer.

I got out of bed and started my day. I was so proud that I could be “at peace” even during one of my “spells.” Every time my mind went to the “What if this isn’t withdrawal but cancer, or ??” I told my irrational mind “thank you for trying to take care of me, but there is no need for those thoughts.”

I am going to do my best to be “at peace” in my life so that my GABA will grow more and soon balance out my glutamate.

What can you do to be more at peace in your life? Not just in withdrawals, but in all areas of your life?

We were put on benzos for a reason. Many of us are anxious by nature. Learning to be at peace will help us lead great lives when we are benzo free.

Dr. Jenn