Happy Valentines Day!

If you are deep in the throes of benzo withdrawal, a day for celebrating love may not strike you as something to get all excited about. It’s not easy to think about love when it’s so hard to feel. For some, the day is a painful reminder of what seems has been lost, or at the very least, put on hold. That’s why I want to hang out with you for a little bit Valentine’s morning. I’m going to go live on the Benzo Withdrawal Help Facebook page at 10 a.m. Pacific.

You’re healing!

I’ll remind you that you’re healing. I’ll congratulate you on the healing to date and I’ll cheer you on as you continue on your journey. You’ll get beyond this chapter and you’ll create new chapters filled with good things!

I’ll share a creative project for distraction.

I stumbled across a fun creative project that has helped me relax after a long day. It’s a perfect benzo withdrawal distraction project. If you have a black Flair pen, or an Elegant Writer marker, grab it and join me on the video. Don’t have one? No worries. You can follow along and if you like the project, you can buy one in a store or online. (Amazon.com was a trusted friend when I was in benzo withdrawal!)

Hope to see you!

Stop on by at 10 a.m. Pacific. At https://www.facebook.com/Benzowithdrawalhelp.
Looking forward to seeing you there!