34 months out. It’s been getting deliciously better. Bit by slow bit.

But the beast is a tenacious one. Doesn’t like losing the battle. It keeps getting up from the mat and staggering around, throwing wild punches. I got clobbered by one this morning.

Yup, you guessed it. Wetsuit time. (Sigh.) Gonna have to ride this wave.

It started yesterday morning. But I pushed through it. Was in a business meeting most of the day. Able to sit and ignore the symptoms. Was in a second meeting late into the night. Again, no problemo. Ignore, Ignore, ignore.

But this morning, after I blogged, made a fresh raw orange, apple, beet and ginger juice and sipped it down, the beast whispered, “Not so fast there pardner…” and WHAM, blanketed me with all my usual crap. I am pushing through it as I always do. But I gotta say, that taking a shower this morning was a challenge. So very weak. Head pressure. Tingles. I know one day it will end, and the beast will be rendered mute (and kicked to the curb!).

If you are like me (hopefully not!) and in protracted withdrawal, keep your chin up. Don’t lose faith. It’s gonna come to an end one of these days. I am grateful that I am getting longer and longer periods of time in between the shitty stuff.

I was JK about the wetsuit. Ya’ll know me by now. I pulled on my overalls. Its garden time! That’s the way I ride the waves the best. The work I was slated to do this morning can wait. It’s extreme self-care time today. I’m going to go sow some seeds for summer flowers.

The beast can mess with me all it wants. I am not giving in nor giving up. Like any bully, eventually, it will give up. The trick is to ignore it. So I shall.