I have been pushing and pushing my limits.  This morning I “knew” I needed to take extra good care of myself. That is a struggle for me to do at times. I am an overachiever type which means I often ignore my needs and plow through things that “need” to be done.

I decided to apply my over-achieving personality to my self-care. What could I do to create a day of extreme self-care?
First, I had to let go of my “should” list. You know, I should go take a walk, or do the dishes, or work on my book, or…. there is a long list of things I constantly feel like I should be doing other than going through withdrawal.

Second, I needed to practice deep self-listening. I had to hear what I really needed and wanted.

Third, I had to accept whatever it was I needed and wanted.

My extreme self-care day became a day of no coaching phone calls, drapes drawn, movie  after  movie on Netflix, fresh fruits and tea to drink, and listening to guided mediation. Any time my mind went in a negative direction, I gently guided it back to positive thoughts and beliefs.

Sometimes you have to stop and just be. Today was that type of day for me. I now feel more solid in my body and my symptoms have almost all calmed down.

It is okay to just stop and take a day of extreme self-care.

The trick is to give yourself permission to do what you need to do for yourself.

Tomorrow I can go back to taking care of others. Today, it was my turn.

When will it be your turn to listen carefully to what you need and want and to give that to yourself?

I hope you take an extreme self-care day soon. It feels amazing.

To a day that is all about YOU!
Dr. Jenn