The days are growing noticeably shorter. 
Every once in awhile, the evenings cloak themselves in a coolness that feels like a hint of fall. Yes, summer is coming to an end. The lazy days of sun and fun are slowly saying goodbye. I had a wonderful summer. That wasn’t always the case these last few years. I limped along through many summers, patiently waiting for my brain and my body to heal. But this summer, I can honestly say “Life is good!”

Just like the seasons come to an end, so does benzo withdrawal. 
A new season of your life awaits you when benzo withdrawal is over. You’ll find that you emerge from it like a new person—strong and courageous. You’ll have new tools to use to navigate through life. Life will get good again. It will get very, very good, in fact.

You’ll be able to appreciate the little things.
Life takes on such a sweetness after withdrawal. You feel gratitude for things that you used to take for granted. You see and feel the abundance in life. You stop sweating the small stuff! Even the “big” stuff no longer topples you. It’s pretty amazing.

I’m the best version of “me” that I’ve ever been.
Yes, benzo withdrawal was extremely hard. I hated it. But once I accepted it and stopped struggling against it, my recovery was more manageable. Now, I’m glad I went through it because I allowed it to shape me into a much better person. I know that you can use this experience of suffering to change you for the better, too. Just keep your heart open, and you’ll find it fills up with love and gratitude.

Keep going!
As we head into the fall, you may be weary from the healing journey you are on. You may be worried it will never come to an end. Perhaps this is your second or third, or even fourth summer you’ve spent in benzo recovery. I know, it’s hard to be patient and hopeful when the seasons tick by and you still haven’t healed. But you will. Eventually. In the right time. Hold on. Keep going. Just as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops as summer surrenders into fall, benzo withdrawal will surrender into health, vitality and happiness.