Some days it seems that all of the coping skills you have fly right out of the window and you are left facing your fears empty-handed.  Nothing can budge you from the depths of your despair or terror.

Those are the times when you “tie a knot at the end of your rope and you hang on!” Breathe into your symptoms. Allow them to just be, and do not try to make meaning of them. They simply “are.”

Trust your rope can hold you while you hold on.

In time, you will have the strength to begin the climb again.




This too shall pass.

I’ve had a trying week. Life has not stopped because I am in benzo withdrawal. I am holding on to the end of my rope. A gentle breeze brushes past me, a warm dusk settles around me. I am still alive. I am still me. I am, holding on.
If you are weary, I hope you can rest and just hold on.

I send you all my best thoughts for a speedy and thorough recovery.

Dr. Jenn