It’s everywhere you go, higher prices at the grocery store, gas station, your favorite cafe— inflation is taking a chunk out of everyone’s wallets. If your benzo withdrawal symptoms have kept you from working (as mine did), I feel for you. I was in your shoes.

Benzo withdrawal and inflation are double trouble.

I’m tightening my belt, just like everyone else. So I’ve created some coaching packages to help you. I’m offering packages of five coaching sessions for either thirty or sixty minutes each at discounts over the regular session price.

Here are the links:

Five 30-minute Zoom sessions

Five 30-minute phone/FaceTime sessions

Five 60-minute Zoom sessions

Five 60-minute phone/FaceTime sessions

Don’t need five sessions? I’ve got you covered there, too. I’m gifting you a 20% discount on any coaching service, one per person. Please use Coupon Code: UGAD4ICWDE when you book your next session.

You and the economy will recover from these hard times.

Keep healing. I’ll keep holding your hand and your heart.