I’m so excited! Monday is just a few short days away. I hit the open road to travel across this amazing country of ours to meet people in benzo withdrawal. I’ll make my way back to our family farm in Georgia where I’ll stay for a month so that I can finish writing The Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Survival Guide. I’ll be posting from the road so you’ll be getting updates in your email if you are a subscriber. If you’d like to donate to help me fund the road trip, you can make a tax-deductible donation here: benzowithdrawalhelp.com/donate. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The road trip will allow me to meet some of you face-to-face. I’ll be meeting our wonderful EFT expert, and creator of The Warrior Room, Dede Moore, on my first stop on Monday. Looking forward to that every much! (I’ve always wanted to see Dede’s hair up close. It’s pretty *amazing*)

Monday night I’ll stay in Bakersfield, Ca. On Tuesday, I am scheduled for an expedition at Shark Tooth Hill, to dig for fossilized sharks teeth. It’s something that’s been on my “bucket list” for years. I’m excited that I’m recovered from benzo withdrawal so that I can achieve this long-held dream. You’ll be achieving your dreams, too, in time! After my fossiling adventure, I am headed to the Grand Canyon. I visited the canyon two years ago when I went on my first cross-country road trip. It was the place I wanted to visit to celebrate my recovery. It was a special visit, one that I won’t soon forget. I know this visit will be incredibly special as well. I am looking forward to sleeping out under the stars in the campground.

From there, I’ll start my way towards the farm. I’m eager to meet as many people as I possibly can and to connect with readers on my website to give them hope. I am living proof that even the most damaged of us do heal! Remember, I was once bedridden, unable to take care of my basic human needs. Many days, I went without eating or bathing. I needed a walker to get around. I graduated to a cane. Finally, I was able to walk unassisted. Now, I’m about to embark on my second cross-country road trip!

The trip is being called The Decision Tour because I want us all to focus on the power of decisions. When I came home from the hospital after my cold-turkey from the benzo I had taken as prescribed, I made the decision that I would never, ever, ever, go back on a benzo. That decision carried me through the darkest of days. So many times I wanted my suffering to end, and I thought about re-instating to do a slower taper. But I knew that wasn’t the way for me to claim my recovery. I had been so incredibly sick in my taper, that I knew in my heart, I had to stay off and heal. It was the POWER of the DECISION to remain benzo free that helped me hold on.

I also made the decision that I would garden as a way to cope with being in benzo withdrawal.That was a good decision! What decision can you make today, that will help you hold on while your brain is healing from the damage caused by the benzo that you took? What decisions can you make today that are kind and loving to yourself? This includes decisions that we make about our thoughts and beliefs. What will you decide to do to celebrate your recovery?

Think good thoughts; make good decisions!