Click on the link above to review the TOA with the Mercy Center.

To date, I have had one person confirm that they wish to attend and are willing to send a deposit. We need nine more within two weeks.

Should we not reach the goal of ten paying guests for the Mercy Center, I will look for other venues, perhaps at a local hotel close to the airport.

It’s important that we talk about benzos as a group, to move forward legislation around them, as well as education for doctors and patients.

I just received results from a plethora of blood tests, and it SEEMS that withdrawal has caused a condition in me that MAY be the cause of my protracted symptoms. More on that to come in a future blog, My point is, we need to discuss things and see if we can find some common denominator that we all have in protracted withdrawal. What if protracted is simply the condition I now seem to have? We need research and data collected to connect the dots.

I am hoping we can get together. I will do my best to keep championing the cause.

If anyone has any ideas, or wants to help me, please let me know.( Adam in New York?)

Warm regards to all


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