My dear benzo buddies,

Three years free is fast approaching. June 23 I’ll dance a little jig and thrust my fist into the air in triumph. I guess the beast got wind of my celebratory plans and wanted to try to show me who is the boss. Seeing how I’ve been working hard at relaunching myself into my career, it knew it was going to have to work very hard to get my attention.

I’m in the wave of all waves. Had you told me that this far out I could get hit this hard, I wouldn’t have believed you. But…. here I am. Back on the couch.

The good news is I am extremely productive. Finished my website yesterday. (  I’m editing my newest book. I’ve got amazing clients I am working with. I’m just doing it all from the couch. 🙂

What I know about waves is that they eventually reach the shore and die out. I’ll ride this one as long as I have to. Another window will appear.

Keep holding on. Take good care of yourselves. Our central nervous systems remain fragile for quite some time. (Maybe forever?) We need to practice extreme self-care.

Keep the faith! I will too.

Oh, one more thing. I hired a jewelry maker to create a bracelet for me. It has really cool metal number beads. It shows my sobriety date, 1013 and my benzo free date, 0623. I’ll post a pix here thursday when I pick it up. If you want one of your own, she has agreed to make them for us. Stay tuned.