Hello all of my benzo buddies,

I spoke to Connie at Mercy Center in Burlingame yesterday. They can host the benzo summit and provide rooms and food plus a conference room. The cost would be 130 per person a day. That’s a good deal when you include the food! Or, we can have the conference room for 60$ a day per person. Hotels in the area/plus food would be well over 130 per person I assume.

Mercy Center is an amazing place. The day I swallowed my last benzo dose and stepped out onto the high wire of a cold turkey,  I walked the labyrinth there and and prayed and prayed and prayed. I heard God say, “Trust the process.” Now, two and half years later as withdrawal loses the last grips on me, I am so glad I stayed the course.

Over the past two years I have walked the labyrinth and attended Taize services the first Friday of every month at Mercy Center. I also saw a spiritual director there as well.

I can’t think of a more serene, spiritual environment to hold our First Annual Benzo Recovery Summit. I am looking at dates in the summer. We may be able to get a break on costs during their slower months if we wait till early winter.

If you think you would attend, please send me an email or comment here.
The summit will just be for us, not for doctors. I will hold that part of the summit elsewhere.

Here is a link to Mercy Center. 

Thanks for letting me know if you are able and willing to attend. If someone wants to post this on other benzo sites, please feel free.

Hope everyone is holding on.

On a personal note: I had an amazing birthday. My benzo buddy Pam from Southern Ca. flew up and stayed with me. It was heaven. What a wonderful gift. The friends you make in benzo withdrawal are the real deal. What a wonderful benzo family we have here.

Keep the faith everyone. We do get better. Stay hopeful and positive. When you start to feel like a victim, do your best to pull yourself up and out of that place. There is nothing but unhappiness and misery in victimhood. 🙁

The normal outcome for withdrawal is recovery. We will all get there, in our own time. May God watch over you all.