The new forum is coming soon! I have a tech team working on it. I am so excited! I have not experienced this much joy in months. We will have a site where we can share ideas, our faiths, our successes, and share our concerns.

Please let me know what you want to see on the forum. Wayne suggested audio but alas, for now I can not do that. Maybe in the future?

All I ask is that we treat each other with dignity and respect. We post only methods we have used ourselves that we know work or have some sound science to them. We know that there are no absolutes in withdrawals. Some people can use supplements, others can not. Let’s keep an open mind and share what works for us but not bash others who do things differently.

Many people in WD gain a deepening of their faith. If you want to share your faith-based practices here that is fine. Just please respect everyone’s path.

I’m also working on some short guides for anyone who wants a specific tool to help with symptoms. I’m also working in the workbook for wd, as well and the workbook for people who live with or love someone in benzo wd.

It’s all pulling together. I am here to serve you, so let me know what you want to see here or how I  can be of help.

To our healing!
Dr. Jenn