Bentley is an amazing dog. He belongs to my daughter and her boyfriend. They are heartbroken over the diagnosis. I wish I could help them, but you all know my situation from not working the past few years as my brain recovered. If you can help that would be great! If you can’t help with money (I know we in benzo wd are usually hard pressed for $)  can you please share on your social media? I love this dog so much!

As for my own dog, I am adopting him (Shakespeare) and training him to do a few things for me to help me on this last leg of healing. He is a rescue dog who was LITERALLY on the euthanasia table, the lethal shot ready to end his life, when a tech asked that someone scan him for a microchip. They had scanned him when he came into the shelter as a stray, but none was found. They found his chip moments before he was to be killed! I am so grateful.

My dog Shakespeare was saved. Please help me help my daughter save her dog Bentley. Thank you. Feel free to leave her a comment as being a friend of mine who wanted to help. I know she will be so grateful.