I have received many emails thanking me for chronicling my healing journey after 18 years of prescribed benzo use.  ( I never abused benzos.) Your stories touch me deeply. There is so much suffering in getting off and healing from these medications. It really is a sorry state of affairs that doctors are uneducated about these medications and continue to harm people by prescribing them long-term, and by not acknowledging the benzo withdrawal syndrome that can occur (for a very long time!) in some of the people getting off of them.

Having gotten that off my chest, *smile* I can focus on the real reason I am posting. So many of you have requested that I keep the site active, even if I no longer post, that I want to accommodate you in that request.  The problem is that this website costs me money every year to maintain. It isn’t a great deal of money, however as many of you know, we lose our financial safeguards when we are recovering. I lost everything between not being able to work and the medical bills I accrued during my long healing journey. I have to start all over again, at the tender age of 55!

If you want me to keep this site alive, (and I will continue to post if it’s still up) please email me at drjenniferleigh@gmail.com and I will send you my paypal information and you can make a small, (or large!)  donation to keep the site active.

There are 104 people who read these posts via an email notification. If you only pledged a US dollar each, that would be more than enough to keep the site up and running.

Again, thank you to all who have taken the time to email me in the past few days. Your letters warm my heart and make me feel less alone in this adventure to regain my health, my ability to work again, and to just be a normal functioning human being. I lived in the netherworld for so very long as my brain and body was healing, just like you are doing. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when I am in a window. I believe Bliss when she says we heal. It is just for some of us, it takes a very long time.

I look forward to your donations to keep this blog alive for future readers who are suffering, and for care providers who are searching for answers to why their friends and loved ones are suffering.

Happy Sunday!