is asking for signatures to send to Psychology Today to ask them to retract Dr. Shorter’s article that states that benzos are safe and effective.

If you sign and want to add a comment, please keep your comment logical, rational and evidence based. I understand that may be hard to do if you want to rant, but keeping our strong emotions out of the argument will help. Remember, we are psych med patients, so the world automatically believes we are “crazy,” or “not all there.” Don’t write anything on the petition that can further fuel that belief, please. (If you can’t bite your tongue, just sign with no comment.) Also, be aware that your name and comment will show up on the website.

Feel free to write all of your ranting and raving here. We’ve all got some strong emotions about what has happened to us. And what continues to happen as we struggle to get our health, lives, and bank accounts back.


Thank you for your participation!