I am honored to be able to announce that Geraldine Burns and Trudy Scott have both promised to be guest speakers for my Webinar Wednesday series. Inside the private benzo support group I run, I hold an hourlong webinar every Wednesday. It’s a chance for people to get more support and to hear from others who have either been through withdrawal or has knowledge that can help cope or feel better.

Geraldine is a pioneer in benzo withdrawal. She ran a support group for a long time. She also helped Dr. Ashton with the Ashton manual. Geraldine had a very rough recovery, but is finally on the other side of complete healing. I look forward to hearing her story.

Trudy runs an online “anxiety summit” and helps people with anxiety and depression through nutrition. She’s a very well thought of expert and a powerhouse of information. I am very eager to learn from her.

If you are curious about joining the private group, please send me an email. You can use the contact form on this site.
Bliss, the wonderful woman behind Bloom In Wellness was our expert two weeks ago. All webinars are recorded so you can enjoy watching/listening any time you like.

I hope everyone is healing quickly and getting back to normal. I have to admit that once my brain was more healed, I am much better than my old “normal.” Recovery from benzo withdrawal changed me for the better in so many ways!

Keep healing.