Being in benzo withdrawal is a time-consuming process. Your symptoms and your knowledge of how different you life is, is never far from your thoughts.

Focusing on your withdrawal day after day is tiring. It shuts out the joy in just being alive.

Take a free day from withdrawals. Plan one day this week to put thoughts of your symptoms and the process aside and focus on people, places, or things you love.

Don’t visit a forum. Don’t google search withdrawals. Don’t talk to anyone about your symptoms. Don’t read this blog. See if you can go a whole day and embrace whatever you are capable of embracing that is outside the confines of withdrawal.

I know some of us are very ill, and there doesn’t seem much we can do besides be consumed with our misery. But do your best to carve out just one day for yourself away from the constant thoughts of the  withdrawal process. Curl up with a good book or a Netflix movie. Give yourself a pedicure. Groom your dog… anything that bring you joy.

Make up your titration doses before hand. Or make your cuts in your pills so you can take your doses without too much thought.

If you find yourself thinking about your withdrawal, remind yourself you are taking a benzo withdrawal  break. Turn your thoughts to happy things.

I am claiming Sunday as my free day. I wont be blogging or on the forum. I am going to write out the “perfect day” exercise I shared with you recently. I am going to take my walker and get out into the sunshine. For one day, I am going to do my best to forget about the withdrawal process and focus my thoughts and my energy on being alive.

I plan to savor each moment.

Claim your FREE day!

Dr. Jenn