I offer benzo withdrawal education and coaching to people who want to better understand the recovery process and find the best ways to cope with symptoms. 

I work in thirty-minute increments to help minimize revving up my client’s central nervous system. 

To schedule a session, click on the link to the right. Once you choose your time, you’ll be asked to pay for the session. You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment. (You’ll also receive an email reminder of your appointment as well.)

Please call me at your scheduled appointment. (We can also connect via WhatsApp, Facetime, Messanger, or Skype.)

If you need to cancel before your coaching session, you’ll be promptly refunded if you cancel within twenty-four hours before your session. 

You can use the contact form below if you have any questions. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed M.D. I do not diagnose or treat any physical, emotional, or mental illness. I am not licensed to practice psychotherapy. I have earned a doctorate in psychology and I’m a benzo survivor. 

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