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I *think* I’ve found a way to keep the blog up and avoid receiving comment notifications, or emails. I hope this helps everyone. PLEASE avoid emailing me until I am well, even notes of good cheer. Everything exhausts me at the moment. Yes, I am battling a severe setback of withdrawal symptoms. No, this isn’t cancer. Yes, there is possibly another illness which I don’t want to go into until I know more. But everything feels like ACUTE withdrawal. Not just a bad wave, acute. So, you can understand why I want my privacy and time to heal. I healed once before, so I believe I will heal again. But I need quiet down time. I can’t be responsible for any one else’s recovery or feelings.  I’ll see how it goes with the blog open. I’ll disband comments until I am well and can handle them again. I am, as you probably are, very emotionally fragile at the moment. My feelings are larger than they should be, so I am not reacting as well as I would be if I was well. Which, by the way, was only a few weeks ago!!! I

f I healed once before, I can heal again. And yes, you will get better. I went from a traumatic cold turkey withdrawal, barely holding on day after day, to feeling peace and joy, excitement and possibility. I knew what it felt like to be comfortable in my own skin. I was relaxed. Happy. I laughed a lot. So I’m counting on being there again. Like you, I worry and fear how long it will take. But, I have to keep trudging along, day after day, and keep my heart open to life, even though it looks so very different than it did in June. Faith. Patience. Acceptance. Distraction. Eat clean. Rest. That’s the prescription for healing the damage to your CNS from a benzodiazepine.
Until I am well,

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