It’s Thursday. Cue the Beach Boy’s music.

I’m surfing a big wave.

I will be 26 months out on the 23rd.

I was having some good windows and a great deal of hope.  Still have the hope, but the window slammed shut.

I will ride this one out just as I have all the others.

Looking at dogs to adopt to keep me company in the garden. One looked really sweet, she only had three legs! I can identify with having a handicap.

If you are struggling today as I am, please do your best to distract and to detach. I am working very hard at not having any expectations about my recovery anymore, and taking each day as it comes at me.

I don’t know if there is anything after this life, so I am going to do my very best to make the most of this one, limping along, but grateful and hopeful.

If you are out a long time like I am and wonder if your symptoms are still withdrawal (How on God’s green earth can it last THIS LONG?) I can say, yes, your symptoms are probably still benzo withdrawal syndrome induced. But please see a doctor if you are worried.

I started this journey October 2010.  That was my tapering start. I CT june 2011.

What a journey. That’s all I know to say.

Hold on everyone. The vets say we heal.  I am going to believe them. What other option do I have? 🙂

Ok, gotta scoot and pull on my wetsuit, and find my board. Wheeeeeee!!!

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