Emotional Safety Helps Brains Heal

Emotional Safety Helps Brains Heal

Emotional safety is something everyone needs in order for their brains to function optimally. We in benzo withdrawal need to be extra certain that we have emotional safety.

How do you ensure emotional safety?

First, you make sure you have a “safe tribe.” You surround yourself with people who answer your Big Brain Question (Are you there for me?) with a resounding “Yes!”

Second, you don’t put yourself in situations that cause you to become scared, angry or sad. For example, now is not the time to watch slasher movies, engage in talk therapy that simply reactivates old wounds without any resolution, or continually wallow in self-pity over what you have lost due to your benzo withdrawal.

Of course life keeps coming at us, and it will bring events that cause anger, sorrow or sadness. We don’t have control over that, but we do have control over what we initiate as an experience in our lives.

When we are able to answer our own Big Brain Question with a “YES!” and take care of ourselves, in every way we can, our healing will progress better.

Those of us in benzo withdrawal are vulnerable. Our brains are not working at their best. We are vulnerable. We need to do all we can to take care of our fragile brains as they do the hard to work to repair and regrow so we think, feel and act better. Making sure we have as much emotional safety in our lives as possible is a good way to ensure better healing.

What three things can you either eliminate from your life, or add to your life, in order to create more emotional safety for your brain to better heal?

If you need help in creating more emotional safety, you can contact me for benzo withdrawal coaching. I would be happy to help you.

To your brain’s hard work at healing!

Dr. Jenn


  1. I would like some emotional safety coaching if you will please. I am going thru benzo withdrawal. Also can you tell please tell me, does everyone heal from benzo withdrawal, at least eventually if they stick it out? Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.

  2. Hi, off benzos and struggling severely. I have really enjoyed reading your site and am grateful you have shared with us all. Such a tragedy that so many of us have suffered so severely because of these terrible drugs, my heart breaks for all that have gone through and are still in such agony. Any support is much appreciated, thank you so much

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