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Dr. Jennifer Leigh’s blog is an honest account of her struggles while healing from benzo withdrawal.

You’ll take comfort in knowing you are not alone.
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What Do You Need In Benzo Withdrawal?

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Please Answer 10 Short Questions. Thank you!

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What Doctors Don't Know About Benzodiazepine Recovery.

Dr. Jennifer Leigh has been invited by Addiction Blog to be a regular contributor. She is honored to be able to help educate individuals, doctors, nurses and therapists about the dangers of benzodiazepines and to educate about the healing benefits of Christian Listening Skills.™

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Important Information About This Site

Hello and thanks for stopping by. It’s important that you know that I’m not a medical doctor. This website does not attempt to offer medical advice, make a diagnosis, or treat any illness. This is an educational site for the purpose of learning about benzo withdrawal. The information is based on the work of Dr. Heather Ashton who ran a benzo withdrawal clinic in the UK, my own withdrawal experience, and the stories of thousands of people who have shared what withdrawal was like for them. Please seek immediate appropriate medical help if you are experiencing any symptoms that disturb or frighten you. If you are suicidal, please tell someone and get help. Suicide is a very real problem in withdrawal. Be aware that many doctors, psychiatrists included, are not educated about the benzo-withdrawal syndrome. They do not understand that it can take a long time for the brain and body to right themselves after taking a benzo. Please educate yourself.


The Number Of Countries Benzo Withdrawal Help Reaches!

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