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Dear Friends, Yesterday this site crashed. Files were destroyed. It’s taken me and my hosting team many hours to restore it, only to have the media library go down shortly thereafter. As you can see, the site isn’t looking too good. Sorry about that. My... read more

The Top FAQ I Get.

These are the frequently asked questions I receive on a regular basis. They are in no particular order.  Did you taper? Yes. But I became so bedridden I eventually was cold turkeyed off my benzo by well meaning addiction specialist. I was given pheno to keep me from... read more

Thoughts At Easter

It’s been five years since I was able to fully enjoy celebrating Easter. I was too benzo sick. This year I still cope with bone pain, muscle pain, head pressure, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus and some tingles, but I am capable of a fairly normal life.... read more

Welcome To The New Site!

Welcome. Make yourself at home. Change can be upsetting so give yourself some time to get used to the new layout and information. The copy for the new sections are being populated. I’m very excited to offer information for family/friends and helping... read more

WHEW! Site Has Been Migrated.

Ok, so we lost a bit of data in the migration from wordpress over to my hosting account. But all in all, we are intact!  Yeah! Please be patient as I create a new site for us. There will be a weekly blog post, a paid members only area, and a chat room. Members will... read more

Im working on this site…

Dear Readers, I will be working on this site for the next week. I am going to make some big improvements (hopefuly!) and install a chat room for you. If the site crashes, don’t worry. I will fix it! We may have some growing pains, so hold on, okay? I look... read more

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